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It’s the moment coffee connoisseurs have been waiting for – Zarraffa’s Coffee is now offering a premium coffee experience at-home, with the launch of their all-new look 100% biodegradable and compostable Okapi coffee capsules.

Now made locally on the Gold Coast, the capsule range will now include Zarraffa’s signature house blend, African Masai, Decaf and the new Black Label Single Origin flavour, Ethiopian Djimmah.

Standard coffee capsules take between 150 to 500 years to breakdown in landfill and billions are dumped every year, making this sustainable option more appealing to consumers without having to sacrifice their morning brew.

Pronounced oh-cop-ee, Zarraffa’s Okapi capsules are named after a rare relative of the Giraffe family and are created entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet. This means the whole capsule is made from plant materials and can be thrown in the bin guilt-free.

Capsules come in packs of 10, retailing at $9.95 and are compatible with original Nespresso coffee machines.

Kenton Campbell, Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder and Managing Director shares his excitement for the new launch.

“This has been a long time in the making, and as an Aussie-owned coffee company, we’re excited to be able to offer a more environmentally friendly option that’s made locally on the Gold Coast for all of our coffee lovers at home,” he said.

“It’s timely that we get to share our new look Okapi capsules, now available at all Zarraffa’s stores and launching in line with our next Black Label Single Origin coffee flavour off the ranks – Ethiopian Djimmah.”

Zarraffa’s Single Origin coffee is grown within a distinct geographic location, meaning either a single farm or one country.

Influenced by specific natural attributes such as climate, landscape and altitude, each bean delivers a bespoke flavour, creating a single distinguished coffee experience that doesn’t get lost in a blend.

‘Trade, not aid’ has long been Zarraffa’s ethos, with the specialty coffee retailer nurturing relationships with coffee growing co-ops across the world.

Ethiopian Djimmah beans originate from the Oromia region in southwestern Ethiopia by the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative and are grown in altitudes of 1,400-1,600 metres above sea level.

The coffee cherries are picked at peak ripeness and then laid in the sun, often directly on the earth to dry.

As the region boasts nutrient rich volcanic soils, this coffee has a great body and depth of flavour, with winey, earthy, chocolate notes that make up its flavour profile. 

“We’re an Aussie-owned coffee company who wants to craft a really good coffee, but also show you the origins of that coffee, not just where it came from but also who actually grew it.”

“We don’t buy free trade, we are free trade and there’s so much meaning in that,” said Mr Campbell.

This is Zarraffa’s second Single Origin flavour to launch this year, with Ethiopian Djimmah now available as an option to add to your favourite Zarraffa’s coffee from 60 cents per shot, or purchase as a 250g take home coffee bean bag for $22.00, which can be ground in store to match any style of coffee machine.

This bean exhibits flavours of earthy dark chocolate, rich cacao with subtle wine fruit notes. It is the perfect addition to beverages such as an espresso, piccolo, cappuccino, flat white, latte or macchiato, but pairs perfectly with any favourite drink which its enhanced chocolate flavour.

Handcrafted with over 25 years of coffee knowledge, experience the flavour of somewhere new with the Ethiopian Djimmah Black Label Single Origin beans and Zarraffa’s Coffee’s all-new Okapi capsules, now available at your closest Zarraffa’s Coffee.