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HOTA, Home of the Arts is thrilled to announce the upcoming performance of Stunt Double by The Farm, as they mark a decade of artistic brilliance and take centre stage with this immersive theatre experience on March 9.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as Stunt Double invites audiences on a captivating journey into the heart of a 1970s Australian action film, with an interactive twist. 

Unlike regular performances, Stunt Double engages directly with its audience as a select number of attendees become a part of the action, taking to the stage as extras and stagehands, making no two shows the same. 

Audiences will get a firsthand glimpse into the inherently unequal relationship between lead actors and their stunt doubles, as the thought-provoking, entertaining, and purposefully playful production unfolds. 

Packed with high-energy stunts, flips, jumps, and gripping fights, the performance takes a hilarious and tongue-in-cheek dive into the complex and insightful exploration of power dynamics in the film industry. 

Gold Coast-born dance and theatre collective, The Farm, are the creative collaborators behind the immersive theatre experience, run by Artistic Directors – Gavin Webber, Kate Harman, Grayson Millwood and Chloe Ogilvie; all respected artists with a history spanning over 15 years and performances across four continents.

Co-creator, Writer and Performer of the show, Gavin Webber, who was awarded the Sidney Myer Individual Performing Arts Award in 2018, is the creative mastermind behind the Stunt Double script.

Stunt Double was created, written, rehearsed and will now be performed right here on the Gold Coast in March, lining up with our 10-year anniversary of The Farm. The show is fun and epic, and we expect audiences will leave exhilarated and with something much deeper to ponder,” he said.

“It’s dance, theatre, film and obviously stunts all set within the wonderful chaos of a B-grade action film set, with audiences fulfilling roles and learning on the job, stars stepping out of wardrobe into the limelight, and stunt doubles being used and abused.”

“Born during Covid, the idea for Stunt Double was developed over time and as a diverse group, we had a clear goal to collaboratively and creatively develop what would become a cracking, thought-provoking production underpinned by our desire to connect anyone and everyone, from all walks of life, with our contemporary dance and theatrical works with meaning.”

Celebrating ten years of innovative performance art, the Gold Coast’s own contemporary dance theatre company is celebrating a decade of creating new works on home soil with this upcoming production at HOTA.

“HOTA is thrilled to showcase Stunt Double by The Farm and celebrate a decade of artistic excellence by the dance-theatre collective who serve as a huge asset to the Gold Coast’s arts and culture scene,” said HOTA’s Interim CEO, Mik Auckland.

The Farm is also known for its long list of award wins, including the Helpmann Award in 2019 for their production of TIDE, also snagging the Ausdance Award in 2020 for the same production, as well as a Drover’s Award for Cockfight in 2019.

The company was established on the Gold Coast in 2013 and now boasts an international network of highly respected artists, ranging from choreographers and independent dancers to musicians and designers. 

HOTA will celebrate The Farm’s 10th birthday by dazzling guests with pre-show entertainment and a terrace after party which will include prizes for best outfits on the night. Don’t miss this unforgettable ride through the world of Aussie cinema when Stunt Double comes to HOTA, Home of the Arts on March 9

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