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Published on: News

M10 Signs Global Hardware and Communications Company

A working partnership between Australian-born, global hardware and communications company, Powertec Telecommunications, has recently been inked with M10 engaged to oversee the company’s PR function across its international market footprint, both domestically and in New Zealand.

Powertec Telecommunications is known for optimising connectivity far and wide with its low-cost, smart technology solutions that aim to connect communities across the globe.

From humble beginnings in 1995 as a one-man band on the Gold Coast, Powertec’s impressive portfolio and unique product range has evolved and attracted over 2,000 resellers and retailers, as well as international shipping capability to many countries.

Devices that launched the company’s niche expertise in wireless communications include: Cel-fi smart repeaters, Cellular routers, WiFi and Wireless Data links, Voice and SMS gateways and antennas.

For more information on Powertec Telecommunications, visit their website:

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