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Launching A Tech Game Changer

M10 has spent the past month working on the PR release of a tech innovation like no other. Developed locally in Australia, the cloud-based solution and Connectivity Module, by Powertec Telecommunications, are set to transform industry forever and both have been released publicly this week. Read on for more details of this incredible technology and the lasting impacts it will make to enhance business and industry across the spectrum. The potential is limitless…

Australian-based, global hardware and communications company, Powertec Telecommunications, launches a new era of connectivity with the unveiling of the by Powertec solution and its first innovation in hardware – the revolutionary, world-first Connectivity Module. by Powertec executes an elegant solution in response to what is often described as the next Industrial Revolution – The Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/E) and both it and the Connectivity Module are the first releases from the Powertec IoT Division.

“In simple terms the IoT or E is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things,” said Geoff Carroll, Powertec Head of Technology.

“In a world where billions of objects have sensors to detect, measure and assess and are connected over public and private networks, was developed in response to deliver a complete, customised open source solution.” by Powertec delivers unparalleled harnessing of IoE/T for industry, due in large part to Powertec’s strong foundation of optimising connectivity far and wide with its low-cost, smart technology solutions and through encouraging local groups and organisations to band together in solving connectivity issues.

But it is the development and introduction of the world-first Connectivity Module (patent pending) that sets it apart from anything available in the space to date.

“Put simply, the Connectivity Module can retrofit to any sensor on the market, and extract information from data points using WiFI, LoRa and/or NB-IoT to send all data to the portal.

“The sensor market is fragmented with different portals needed for different sensor uses – the Connectivity Module allows you to tie all your sensor data into one convenient portal with one supplier using the latest technologies. The result is efficiency and cost savings for the user. “

“This robust product is specifically designed for outdoor use and its low power design not only provides access to LoRa but an array of power options, depending on the outcome required and the most cost-effective option for the user. It also includes failover within the same Module.”

What distinguishes by Powertec is in the ability to provide total visibility and sensor control, its ease of use, plus integration into existing investments, and is set to become the biggest agricultural business enabler seen in years.

“Agriculture is one key area where IoE will have significant impacts. Reducing costs, increasing yield, lowering waste and energy consumption, downtime and improving quality, are key impacts integrated technology can deliver.”

“It will make a staggering impact on rural and regional industries in the next decade and will change the life of many but particularly those in the agricultural industry.” by Powertec comprises a complete open source, end-to-end agricultural solution for internet, cellular, WiFi and long-range communication (LoRa) gateways.

“ will assist business to increase productivity, environmental sustainability, safety and workflow, which will ultimately make the working farm more self-sufficient.”

“Using cloud-based or on-premise smart farm technology that adeptly addresses connectivity, plus the integrated use of digital equipment such as sensors and GPS, our solution provides farmers with the information and data they need to make highly informed choices and help improve efficiency.”

The solution for agriculture is customised to control, measure and track assets, people, animals and things with a combination of live and historical data, events, notifications and machine learning.

“Areas such as water management, weather, security, process automation and more will be revolutionised by the solution, which is both scalable and backward compatible to existing IoT investments.”

The by Powertec global hardware is not limited to agricultural use.

“ and the Module have been wholly designed, built and manufactured by Powertec Telecommunications and is currently being utilised within factory and warehouse environments and is flexible enough to address IoT requirements across all industries.”

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