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Sip your way into winter bliss with the delectable and decadent flavours of Zarraffa’s Coffee’s limited-edition Choc Cherry Fudge, by adding it to your favourite hot or cold drink for only $1.

Zarraffa’s Choc Cherry Fudge is a delicious, flavoured sauce that can be added to your favourite Zarraffa’s drink – the ultimate remedy for those chilly winter blues.

Experience an enchanting blend of silky-smooth chocolate and tart cherry, swirling through your favourite drink and dancing on your tastebuds in a moment of pure indulgence this winter.

The irresistible taste and aromatic charm of Zarraffa’s latest winter sensation will take you on a journey of pure luxury and sensory delight, available now at all Zarraffa’s Coffee stores nationwide.

The cherry on top – each time you order this delectable add-on in your hot or cold drink, be sure to swipe your trusty Zarraffa’s Z Card® and go in the draw to win a $10,000 European Holiday of your dreams*.

Don’t have a Zarraffa’s Z Card® yet? No worries! Simply visit any Zarraffa’s Coffee store and grab a card of your own for a one-off joining fee of $7.50. You’ll gain access to a world of fantastic perks and the opportunity to vie for this exclusive prize.

Indulge in the lusciousness of this limited-time winter wonder while it lasts.

Hurry on down to your nearest Zarraffa’s Coffee store or drive thru and add-on Choc Cherry Fudge to your order today.

To find your nearest store visit the Zarraffa’s Coffee website.

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