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Zarraffa’s Coffee has added a new Single Origin bean to its Black Label collection, offering a new premium flavour to coffee connoisseurs Australia-wide. 

Delivering notes of creamy marshmallow with a milk chocolate finish, the new Indonesian Sumatra Blue is now available in all Zarraffa’s Coffee stores.

Indonesian Sumatra Blue coffee originates from the highland plateau of Onang Ganjang by small holding farmers and offers a truly unique taste. 

Featuring notes of sweet berry, bittersweet grapefruit and citrus acidity. When combined with milk, the bean exhibits flavours of creamy marshmallow with a milk chocolate finish. 

It is the perfect addition to beverages such as an espresso, piccolo, cappuccino, or flat white and pairs perfectly with any favourite hot or cold milk-based drinks.

“Coffee connoisseurs will really enjoy this new addition to Zarraffa’s Black Label Single Origin collection. What makes the Sumatra Blue coffee special is how the beans are grown at 1400m altitude within a wet climate of approximately 2700mm of rain each year,” said Zarraffa’s CEO, Marnie Sheldon.

“Each one of our Black Label Single Origin bean collections offers a bespoke flavour, providing taste profiles that might sometimes get lost in a blend. Each has a distinctive taste and experience, and we look forward to you trying this delicious new flavour.”

Single Origin coffee is grown within a distinct geographic location, meaning either a single farm or one country. It is influenced by specific natural attributes such as climate, landscape, and altitude where the beans were grown.

The Sumatra Blue is sourced from multiple small farms throughout the Dolok Sanggul region of Sumatra. These beans are hand-picked and processed using the Giling Basah (Wet) process that is unique to Sumatra.

Fresh coffee cherry is picked, pulped and fermented for twelve (12) hours without water. Then the cherry is wet-hulled, and parchment washed and left to dry for two days. The beans are handpicked from October through to March and are only harvested once a year and are rich in flavour with a full body. 

As part of the new Single Origin launch, Indonesian Sumatra Blue will be available as an option to add to your favourite Zaraffa’s coffee and is available for purchase in 250g take home bags in all stores for a limited time. 

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