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Leaders in the connectivity space for over two decades Gold Coast-based hardware and communications company, Powertec Telecommunications, unveiled their latest technology innovation last month.

M10 was engaged to launch Cellferno – a brand-new range of outdoor fixed wireless devices with speeds up to 600Mbps – furthers Powertec’s mandate to  create communications and be connections for people and technology, wherever they may be.

Brand new to the Australian market, Cellferno is a revolutionary product, developed on the Gold Coast using innovative mobile technology which delivers high-speed data for basic internet access to mission critical applications across commercial, IoT and residential sectors.

With connectivity fast becoming the new currency in light of the global pandemic, connectivity solutions like Cellferno have been critical for consumers and businesses in order to digitally navigate COVID-19 restrictions.

With this in mind, M10 worked alongside the client on the launch of their new product, developing and executing a strategic PR plan to position Powertec as connectivity experts and thought leaders in this space, across consumer and trade media. 

Powertec General Manager, Samantha Clifton, said that in this current climate of wireless dependency due to the COVID-19 crisis, Cellferno delivers the ultimate high-speed internet connectivity solution, especially where cable-based internet is not available.

Cellferno can provide users with super-fast internet speeds and connectivity, with the single box design containing multiple antennas and a built-in modem to capture the best possible signal outdoors,” she said.

“The device continues to impress with its simple and easy installation, putting the customer in command by simply allowing them to use the sim card provider and mobile data plan of their choice.”

“The need for better connectivity has never before been so critical, with more people staying at home, organisations setting up pop-up work zones, businesses using online tools or platforms, and the necessity of web-based learning.”

With a single ethernet cable powering the Cellferno device, it can be connected directly to a computer, network switch or a WIFI access point to provide high-speed internet to devices within range.

“Due to the Cellferno’s focus on speed, it can act as a primary internet source or secondary wireless backup for a corporate customer’s NBN service,” Ms Clifton added.

Cellferno is an extension to Powertec’s current mobile broadband product offering, providing an additional high-speed connectivity solution to our product portfolio.”

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