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Published on: News


‘Konvo’ is Aussie for conversation and is a next generation social platform being developed right here in Australia.

A cutting edge, social technology solution – currently in beta testing – Konvo™ is made of up three distinct parts: a user-based social media environment, connected to a business extension of this space, all feeding into a retail, or ‘virtual shopping mall’ platform – A.K.A. Konvo™, Konvo™ Business and Konvo™ Shop.

At its core, Konvo is designed to resolve the number one complaint of social users worldwide, (as highlighted by the Wall Street Journal Study, 16 July 2015), “…I keep seeing stuff I don’t care about in my feed.”

Born out of the desire to create a truly user-shaped content environment, Konvo is not just an App, it is an entire platform that brings like-minded consumers, businesses and merchants together in one easy-to-navigate ecosystem.