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Zarraffa’s Coffee now offers coffee connoisseurs a premium experience to create an individually perfect cup of coffee, featuring a higher quality coffee bean grown from ethical practices.

Now available in all Zarraffa’s Coffee stores, the Black Label Single Origin coffee is grown within a distinct geographic location, meaning either a single farm or one country. 

Influenced by specific natural attributes such as climate, landscape, and altitude, each bean delivers a bespoke flavour, providing taste profiles that often get lost in a blend. 

Zarraffa’s has long nurtured a ‘trade, not aid’ relationship with the Meru Coffee Co-op in Mt Kenya, Africa by funding seedling nurseries to produce robust coffee crops which allows the local Kenyan coffee community to thrive, so it is fitting that its first release of Single Origin beans is handpicked in Meru County.

“We don’t buy free trade, we are free trade,” said Zarraffa’s Founder, Kenton Campbell. 

“We’re an Aussie-owned coffee company who wants to craft a really good coffee, but also show you the origins of that coffee, not just where it came from but also who actually grew it.” 

After picking the cherries from the coffee tree, the Kenyan Ntongoro beans from Meru are processed at the Ntongoro Wet Mill using clean water from the Kanyuango River before being sun-dried on raised tables and delivered to the dry mill for further processing.

Not only is the Single Origin coffee assisting an entire community to thrive, but it is also playing a part in the conservation efforts of one of the world’s most endangered species.

The local community is working together to prevent poaching of the black rhino in their region, in support of their neighbour – Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and the ongoing survival of the rhinos. 

“Literally across the highway from the coffee farm lies the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, key players in the survival of rare and endangered black rhinos,” explained Campbell. 

“I could buy coffee from anywhere in Kenya, but I told the Meru farmers that I choose to buy it from them, because the trade agreement involved helping to protect rhinos from poaching and extinction.”

“It is gratifying to know that the black rhino population is steadily recovering with over 600 black rhinos now in Kenya, and our coffee partnership has helped contribute to this in a small way.”

As part of our new Single Origin launch, Kenyan Ntongoro will now be available as an option to add to your favourite Zarraffa’s coffee. 

This bean exhibits flavours of smooth milk chocolate and walnut with a bright acidity, leaving a subtle cherry-like sweetness, reminiscent of eating rocky road. It is the perfect addition to beverages such as an espresso, piccolo, cappuccino, flat white or latte but pairs perfectly with any favourite drink.  

An alternate Single Origin bean is also available in 250g take home bags. The Kenyan Peaberry embodies flavours of dark cacao, sweet berries with a bright lemon, orange acidity. 

These notes are best highlighted in beverages such as a mocha, americano or iced mocha however, this bean is versatile and will work perfectly through many extraction methods including cold extractions.

Handcrafted with over 25 years of coffee knowledge, experience the flavour of somewhere new with the Kenyan Ntongoro or Kenyan Peaberry Black Label Single Origin beans, now available at your closest Zarraffa’s Coffee.

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