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M10 has signed with the newly rebranded HOTA, Home of the Arts to publicise the ‘in-house’ program for 2018.

As part of an overall push to raise the profile of the revamped HOTA precinct, M10 will work as part of the team to draw patrons to the diverse range of offerings available in the cinema, gallery, event and show space.

While the ‘out house’ HOTA experience will deliver some high impact performances across the year at the new $37million facility, M10 will be focussed on drawing attention to the talent and entertainment embodied in the ‘in house’ hub.

From big name children’s entertainers, to Art House cinema, to renowned dance companies, classical music, top notch comedians and exhibitions, HOTA will deliver events and experiences from the everyday to the provocative, the niche to the mainstream. From boardshorts to black tie, there’s something for everyone. Home is where the art is.

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