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Contemporary cultural precinct, HOTA, Home of the Arts is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated exhibition, Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize, opening 15 July 2023.

Following the 100-year celebration of this prestigious award in 2021, HOTA Gallery is delighted to bring the landmark Art Gallery of New South Wales touring exhibition to the Gold Coast, delivering an opportunity for the public to experience the diversity, creativity, and captivating stories behind the iconic Archibald Prize.

Archie 100 showcases an esteemed group of works that pay tribute to the prize and reveals a rich history of Australian portraiture, while unearthing fascinating stories behind each of the carefully selected works.

Visitors will have the opportunity to view iconic portraits of famous Australians from the arts, politics, sports, and entertainment alongside local heroes who have made significant contributions to society.

The exhibition highlights the evolution of Australian portraiture from 1921 to today, and the changing face of our nation over the past century, reflecting an array of artistic styles and social contexts.

Archie 100 explores various exhibition themes and narratives, with each artwork telling a compelling story, capturing the essence and personality of the subjects, while revealing the deep connections between artists and their subjects.

The exhibition delves into controversies and the commonplace, the triumphant and the thwarted, and honours artists who have made the Archibald Prize the most sought-after accolade in Australian art today.

Among the notable works on display, is the striking portrait of Miss M Roberts (Portrait in grey) 1933 by Grace Crowley, John Brack’s shrewdly observed Barry Humphries in the character of Mrs Everage 1969andthe diminutive but demanding Wendy Whiteley 2016 by Natasha Bieniek.

Among the captivating Archibald Prize-winning self-portraits, is Equestrian self-portrait 1987 by former Gold Coast resident William Robinson and Brett Whiteley’s Art, life and the other thing 1978.

These iconic artworks, along with many others, provide an intimate glimpse into the lives and achievements of remarkable Australians.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our next major exhibition to the Gold Coast, Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize, and celebrate 100 years of the most coveted, and best-loved award in Australian art today,” said Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director, Gallery and Visual Arts, HOTA.

“Visitors can witness key moments in time throughout the evolution of the prize over the past century, with each portrait having its own story to tell, while highlighting changes in society, and approaches to portraiture.”

“The exhibition has been carefully curated from the more than 6000 previous Archibald works and is the result of many years of research by Art Gallery of NSW Curator, Natalie Wilson and the Archie 100 project team, as well as a national appeal to re-discover lost portraits.”

“In addition, there are works from libraries, galleries and museums across Australia and New Zealand, and private Australian and international collections – some of which have not been seen in public since first being exhibited in the Archibald Prize,” added Tracy.

Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize invites art enthusiasts, history buffs, and curious gallery visitors to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Australian portraiture. The exhibition celebrates the power of art to capture the human spirit and ignite conversations about identity, culture, and society.

In conjunction with the exhibition, HOTA Gallery will offer guided tours and a suite of public programs and workshops. Additionally, the exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue that delves into the stories behind the artworks, providing a lasting keepsake of this momentous exhibition.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the beauty, talent, and cultural significance of Australia’s most beloved portrait prize, with Archie 100: A Century of the Archibald Prize on display from 15 July to 2 October 2023 at HOTA Gallery.

The $60.5 million HOTA Gallery opened to the public on Australia’s Gold Coast in May 2021 and recently celebrated its second birthday, having welcomed over 370,000 visitors since opening its doors. Spanning six levels and including over 2000m2 of AAA rated, international standard exhibition space, a dedicated Children’s Gallery, and the $32 million City collection, HOTA Gallery is the largest public gallery outside a capital city in Australia. 

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