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HOTA, Home of the Arts announces its upcoming Children’s Gallery exhibition, Colour Your Imagination – Just add books, officially opening to the public on Saturday, 19 August in line with National Book Week.

This free exhibition offers a vibrant and immersive experience springing from the vivid imagination of Gold Coast artist Victoria Reichelt, one of Australia’s leading realist painters.

In collaboration with HOTA for the Children’s Gallery, Colour Your Imagination – Just add booksinvites children and adults alike to rediscover the enchanting beauty of libraries and their treasured contents.

Picture a colourful collection of giant books in an immersive library-inspired space. With places to climb and explore, or comfy places to settle in with a book in hand from the reading trolley, this exhibition has been carefully curated to let your imagination run free.

Coinciding with the start of National Book Week on the Gold Coast and celebrating the links between art and books, the exhibition offers a range of interactive activities to engage children and foster their love of art and reading.

Families can explore the ‘Never Ending Library’ wall to find the perfect photo spot, curl up in one of the cosy book nooks, flip through the interactive ‘Book of Book Paintings’, showcasing Victoria’s remarkable artworks, or even climb the ‘Floating Bookstack’.

The exhibition offers hands-on activities, where children can play ‘I Spy in the Library’ to discover animals hiding in the Children’s Gallery, arrange colourful book spines on the bookshelves, create their own artwork for a book title, or join in the ‘Word Play’ fun with a book blocks activity.

“We’re thrilled to present this awe-inspiring Children’s Gallery exhibition to families on the Gold Coast and beyond; it’s a colourful collaboration between HOTA Gallery and beloved local artist, Victoria Reichelt,” said Mik Auckland, HOTA’s Interim CEO.

“Victoria has maintained a longstanding relationship with HOTA that began during her time as a Fine Arts student at the Queensland College of Art,” he added.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of books and art, where imagination knows no bounds and surprises await on the bookshelves.

Colour Your Imagination – Just add books opens at the HOTA Children’s Gallery on Saturday 19 August 2023 and runs through until Sunday 28 January 2024.  

For more information on HOTA Gallery or the exhibition, visit their website.

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