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An unholy alliance has been forged between Australia’s leading comedy cabaret show and M10 Collective this week.

It’s not every day you sign up a notorious underworld client but we are pleased to join the masterminds of comedy cabaret restaurants in Australia – Dracula’s – as their A positive PR team.

With an unparalleled, unbroken show track record that first rose from the grave in the 1960’s, Dracula’s Comedy Cabaret Restaurant and the Newman Entertainment team are leaders in unique entertainment experiences, recently bringing their talents to bear in the realm of ‘edutainment’ in a JV with the Singapore Government.

With a brand new show set to launch mid-year, the M10 team will be throwing away the garlic and the crucifixes and sinking their teeth into some juicy storylines in the near future. (Seeing your reflection in the mirror is overrated anyway!)

To channel the undead, please contact the M10 team:

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