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Australian-owned and operated construction company, Neumann Steel, has introduced an innovative and responsible method of creating concrete slabs with its award winning NuPod.

The NuPod, which was awarded the HIA Australian GreenSmart Product at the recent HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards 2021, is a ground-breaking method of creating concrete slabs while still complying with Australian Standards unlike other alternative void former systems in the market.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Neumann Group, Neumann Steel made waves in the building industry early on for introducing rib wire and rib mesh to the Australian market – a concept still used today – and with the release of the NuPod, the company is continuing its ethos of innovation to deliver smart solutions to the industry once again.

General Manager, Kathy Bartley, said that NuPod is not only an Australian made patented system, but it is produced from 100% recycled plastic and an environmentally friendly alternative to the current industry standard (polystyrene).

“We are incredibly proud to take this step in the right direction and create a brand-new market leading product that will ultimately help cultivate a greener industry.”

Both innovative and new technology in the building space, NuPod incorporates a stable and locked system that keeps its form while concrete is being placed. Additionally, the product design has built-in features that reduce the number of items to be handled on site.

“The key to NuPod is its patented built-in interlocking spacers, which enables rapid deployment of pods and creates a stable system locking itself together. The individual pods can also be cut into various sizes to allow for plumbing and various slab shapes.”

When looking at the environmental benefits, the product is not only manufactured using 100% recycled plastics, but it results in a carbon footprint reduction, low fire risk, cleaner materials, and less steel and concrete waste.

“As installation leaves no waste on site, there is no environmental contamination risk during storm and wind events. Not to mention, the product stacking feature allows NuPods to be delivered together with the steel on one truck, with no waste collection required, this again results in another reduction in exhaust emissions,” said Ms Bartley.

As well as multiple environmental benefits, NuPod was designed to maximise benefit to everyone involved in its use. “When creating NuPod we considered everyone, from the environment to homeowners, engineers, builders and concreters, ensuring that all involved will benefit in one way or another.”

As the end user, homeowners can be proud of the 100% recycled plastic used in production – a step up in environmentally friendly credentials when compared to industry standards, which has a high R-value rating and insulates the home from beneath.

“Engineers have the peace of mind knowing that our NuPod system complies with Australian Standards Building Codes (AS 2870-2011), so they can focus on what really matters – designing innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.”

“Builders can access consistent cost of slabs and with accurate concrete measurements, and NuPod being a stackable product, saves space onsite and incurs minimal transport footprint while also being easily interchanged with other waffle pod designs.”

“And for concreters, it’s a simple design and easy to install with minimal pieces. Its interlocking system keeps the slab secure during the concrete pour resulting in no floating. Its winged spacers guide bars into place automatically, and it has a solid flat surface for stability.”

Ms Bartley advised that NuPod is currently selling out fast and only available in Queensland and New South Wales at this stage.

“In early 2022, the production of NuPod is set to double in capacity in Queensland, and we will begin manufacturing in Victoria, with more expansion plans on the horizon.”

“We have received an overwhelming response from the building industry, including recently winning the award for Innovation in Materials & Products at the 2021 Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Housing Awards, and are ready to deploy our green solution across the country next year.”

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