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In a brand-new two-year partnership deal, Aussie owned Zarraffa’s Coffee is supporting Australia Zoo and their mission to protect wildlife and wild places.

Building on a long history of conservation assistance, Zarraffa’s will help promote the important work that Australia Zoo undertakes each year to educate people about wildlife preservation through their vital conservation efforts around the world.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Managing Director and Founder, Kenton Campbell, who has travelled the world in support of conservation, says that his ‘coffee for conservation’ ethos is at the root of this new agreement with Australia’s favourite Zoo.

“I met Steve Irwin many years ago and he was actually the inspiration for what has become a lifetime drive to support a variety of conservation projects and charitable works for Zarraffa’s,” he said.

“This partnership is part of a long-held desire to join forces with Steve’s vision and help fund vital programs locally at the Zoo.”

Australia Zoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Darren Gertler, said, “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Zarraffa’s Coffee on this exciting initiative as we further our mission to protect vulnerable wildlife species and natural habitats, inspiring positive change on a global level.”

“Through this wonderful opportunity, we hope to inspire and involve more people in caring for our wildlife, helping create a world where humans and wildlife can peacefully coexist, with the ultimate goal to save one, save the species.”

Ultimately, Mr Campbell believes that Zarraffa’s assistance in supporting Australia Zoo’s mission of conservation and their remarkable efforts in caring for over 1200 animals who reside in beautiful, lush habitats, could not have been achieved without the support of the brand’s loyal customers.

“We’ve always held the belief that Zarraffa’s is more than just a cup of coffee,” he said.

“Whether it’s supporting a single origin coffee co-op across the world, or our new partnership with Australia Zoo in our own backyard, our Zarraffites should feel good that through the purchase of their daily coffee they are making a difference too.”

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