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Two diverse local Gold Coast businesses have worked together to evolve a century-old operation into a paperless environment, proving that sometimes the best solutions can be found in your own backyard.

This month, M10 worked on a PR campaign to promote a synergistic relationship between two longstanding Gold Coast businesses, in two vastly different fields.

Australian farmer-owned dairy co-operative, Norco, recently engaged Gold Coast-born, global hardware and communications company, Powertec Telecommunications, to boost signal strength at their Gold Coast factory, fulfilling the company’s desire to go paperless.

Norco’s national business operation has a rich 124-year history in the Australian dairy industry, constantly learning to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in which they operate, including the move to go paperless and efficiently manage their day-to-day operations within the Gold Coast.

Working through Powertec partner – Azentro – challenges were overcome to boost mobile signal strength in Norco’s Gold Coast factory, which had proved to ensure the paperless transition could proceed.

General Manager of Norco’s Gold Coast factory, Sandra Hollands, said it was the right time to implement a paperless environment but that it took expertise to overcome what was presumed to be a straightforward process.

“The solution was invaluable and a great improvement for our business operation but due to the design and building materials used in the construction of our Gold Coast factory we needed some expert advice and hardware to enact our plans,” she said.

After reaching out to the telecommunications partner for a solution, the Powertec team was able to identify the challenges and strategically implement solutions through their expert installer by drafting a design to improve the intermittent mobile signal.

Using eight of its Cel-Fi GO product solutions – an indoor and outdoor smart signal repeater boosting mobile coverage where cellular service is poor – Powertec provided Norco with four clusters of signal amplifiers that were positioned through various locations in the factory to increase the Telstra signal.

Ms Hollands said that working with Powertec has not only assisted the effort to go paperless but has facilitated other valuable communication improvements at the Gold Coast facility.

“Key production areas including pasteurising, packaging, laboratory and workshops, as well as the milk processing, freezer and storage rooms throughout the facility all received significant signal improvements with no recorded signal loss or call dropouts,” she said.

“Whether it be on our farms or in our rural stores and factories, Norco is continually looking at ways to improve our technology to ensure that we consistently provide our consumers with great quality Norco products.”

The improved 3G and 4G signal across all areas of the factory enabled Norco to transition to a paperless system, improve time management, record and share real-time data, communicate with delivery drivers and other external partners, as well as benefit workers’ onsite health and safety.

Specialising in improving commercial connectivity via wireless mobile solutions, like Cel-Fi GO, to deliver individuals and businesses a way to stay connected, Powertec Telecommunications has been optimising connectivity far and wide with its smart technology solutions for over 20-years.

General Manager of Powertec Telecommunications, Samantha Clifton, said working a problem to improve business operations is at the core of their company’s focus.

“It’s more common than not to have these issues in such large-scale operations, which is why we released the Cel-Fi GO solution to largely resolve frustrations that so many organisations, homes and offices face due to cellular being the primary mode of communication.

“Providing tailored solutions to these types of issues is why we have been in business for over two decades. Never more than now is connectivity such a linchpin of business and we are thrilled to be able to solve these problems through expertise and superior product options,” said Ms Clifton.

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